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How to Obtain Discontinued ASTM Standards

The only reliable source for discontinued ASTM standards is Global Engineering Documents. They too have the standards cataloged according to their original ASTM Reference Number. The average cost for a standard purchased through Global Engineering Documents is $30 and may be purchased using a credit card. Global Engineering Documents can be contacted at:

Global Engineering Document
15 Inverness Way East
Englewood, Colorado 80112

PHONE: 1-800-845-7179
FAX: 303-397-2740
WEBSITE: http://global.ihs.com
E-Mail: global@ihs.com

When ordering from the Global Engineering Documents website use the Search option, once you have chosen your country, and enter the ASTM Refernce Number into the Document Number field in the same manner as this example: astm e 552. Then click on the Begin Search button. This should provide you with the availability of the stanard, its price and the option to purchase the standard.

Thus far we have been unable to secure abstracts for discontinued standards, without actually purchasing the standard. We are continuing to work on securing absent abstracts and hope to provide them in future versions of the Bioassay Guide.

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