CalTOX Download Instructions

CalTOX is zipped in the executable file CalTOX23.exe. After downloading, run the file in File Manager to extract the zipped files. Please read the extracted READ.ME file for setup information.
CalTOX user manual documentation is available for download as UserMan.pdf. To view the file, download the Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems Inc. by following the link on this page.
You may e-mail questions or comments regarding CalTOX to Kimiko Klein, Ph.D.

File Description

This self-extracting file breaks out into five of the six required Microsoft Excel® files (DatCal is the sixth) and a README text file. All six of the files need to be located in a single directory.

This self-extracting file contains a single Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet file with the default distributions for the more than 150 parameters required by CalTOX. It is required to run the CalTOX spreadsheet and needs to be located in the same directory as the Microsoft Excel® files in CalTOX23.exe.

This Adobe Acrobat® file is a description of how to use the CalTOX file contained in the two self-extracting files above. This is a 52-page document.
CalTOX Model Description This page has six Adobe PDF files that describe the mathematical structure of the model shown in the CalTOX.xls file in the CalTOX23.exe self-extracting file. Separate documents describing the first version (1.5) and second version (2.3) of the CalTOX model are available. These documents describe the derivation of equations in the model citing the relevant scientific literature. The description of version 1.5 is lengthy and broken into 4 separate documents. The 2.3 documentation describes only changes made to 1.5 in one document and comments of reviewers in a second document.
Parameter Documentation This page has a number of Adobe PDF files that describe how information in the scientific literature was used to determine the default distributions shown in the DatCal.xls file. Parameters are divided into two groups: chemically related and landscape-related.
CalTOX Version 4.0 (Beta) A revised version of the CalTOX model may be downloaded from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.