DTSC News Feed October 2013

DTSC News Feed is a weekly email that pulls together short updates and internet links to keep you informed about the latest accomplishments and news highlights at the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).


OCTOBER 31, 2013

  • Consumers are forcing companies to adopt safer consumer products.The San Francisco Chronicleand Philadelphia Inquirerhave  more.
  • DTSC wanted to send a signal to the marketplace when it released a list of “candidate chemicals” as part of its Safer Consumer Products Regulation.  The message appears to begetting through.
  • Housing construction is on the rebound thanks in part to DTSC signing off on anOroville projectand overseeing cleanups ofnew subdivisions.
  • DTSC inspection leads to $207,000judgmentfor hazardous waste violations.  The Stockton Record hasmore.


OCTOBER 24, 2013

  • DTSC’s Safer Consumer Products regulation is called “the newglobal standard.”
  • Dormanthousing projectsare coming back to life – and DTSC is helping.
  • California and other states aretaking the leadin protecting the public from toxic chemicals
  • About 45 community members learned about cleanup efforts at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory near Simi Valley during an open house hosted Tuesday by DTSC. Visit the SSFL page on DTSC’s website for the latest on thecleanup.


OCTOBER 17, 2013

  • DTSC’s Safer Consumer Products‘ initiative is at the vanguard of change. FirstWal-Martannounced plans to reduce toxic chemicals, and nowTarget  is on board.
  • An international audience of more than 500 listeners tuned into aChemical Watch webinarthis week about the Safer Consumer Products Regulations and how companies in the US and beyond can prepare for them. Karl Palmer, chief of the Toxics in Products Branch, represented DTSC.
  • Coverage of the Safer Consumer Products regulations and their national relevance continues……inBloomberg Newsand inThe Sacramento Bee.
  • DTSC hosts seminar for delegation ofChinese visitorsfrom Huizhou City.


OCTOBER 10, 2013

  • DTSC Emergency Response unit keeps things from getting explosive whenfireworksare transported.
  • DTSC gives communities$325,000for redevelopment and re-use projects, includingthis onein Alameda.
  • Seevideoof the launch event for DTSC’s Safer Consumer Products regulation.


OCTOBER 03, 2013

  • DTSC’s landmark Safer Consumer Products regulation earned high-profile slots on The Sacramento Bee’s opinion pages in recent days: aViewpointcolumn by Director Debbie Raphael on Oct. 1 and Senior Editor Dan Morain’s insightfulreactiona day later to critics of the program .
  • As Californiaforges aheadand takes a lead on Safer Consumer Products, DTSC takes to theradio wavesto promote the ambitious initiative.
  • DTSC’s Emergency Response contractors went into action Wednesday after members of a law enforcement task force raided a methamphetamine operation in a new Fresno subdivision.  Cleanup crews removed 35 to 40 gallons of liquid meth, about 10 gallons of presumed solvent and containers of residual meth. The cleanup costs totaled about $2,500. The Fresno Beehas more.
  • Dozens of homes, many of them affordablecould sproutin the Hunter’s Point neighborhood of San Francisco. DTSC played a crucial role in cleaning up a portion of therevitalized shipyardbefore it was transferred to the city years ago.

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