Debbie Raphael, Director - Department of Toxic Substances Control

DebbieRaphael_1 Debbie Raphael joined the Department of Toxic Substances Control as Director in May 2011. A scientist and a former program manager for the San Francisco Department of the Environment, she is a public policy innovator who is defining new and innovative approaches to public health and environmental policy‐making. Her 20 years of public service demonstrate a dedication to the principles of scientific inquiry, engagement and transparency, and forging partnerships that pave the way for meaningful and practical change.
In laying out her vision for DTSC, Raphael stresses the importance of building confidence with industry, communities and other stakeholder groups. Employing a pragmatic approach, she relies on the best available science, robust stakeholder interaction and fairness to drive policy development. 

In her time with DTSC, Raphael has reached out to stakeholders across California seeking their input on how the Department can do its job better. Recognizing that environmental protection and economic growth go hand in hand, she brings this intuitive approach to the development of DTSC's proposed Safer Consumer Products Regulations.