Examination and Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). DTSC is a department of the California Environmental Protection Agency, or Cal/EPA, and protects California and Californians from exposures to hazardous wastes. More than 900 scientists, engineers and specialized support staff work in nine offices statewide to:

  • Deal with the aftermath of improper hazardous waste management by overseeing site cleanups.
  • Prevent releases of hazardous waste by seeing that those who generate, handle, transport, store and dispose of wastes do so properly.
  • Take enforcement actions against those who fail to manage hazardous wastes appropriately.
  • Explore and promote means of preventing pollution, and encourage reuse and recycling.
  • Evaluate soil, water and air samples taken at sites, and develop new analytical methods.
  • Practice other environmental sciences, including toxicology, risk assessment and technology development.
  • Involve the public in DTSC's decision-making.