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Enforcement and Emergency Response Mission and Objectives

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The Mission of the Enforcement and Emergency Response Program is to promote a healthier environment for all Californians through fair, consistent, and timely enforcement. 




The environment and public health are protected through proactive enforcement of toxics and environmental laws and through conducting hazardous substance-related emergency response actions.

  • Increase compliance rates for selected types of DTSC-regulated treatment/storage/disposal facilities
  • California companies with DTSC authorization are in compliance with hazardous waste laws and regulations
  • Inspections and investigations are completed in accordance with time frames prescribed in law, regulations, and DTSC policies.
  • Streamline DTSC’s inspection and investigation processes

EERPs Performance Measures

  • Percentage of Entities Found to be in Compliance
  • Percentage of Inspections with All Violations Returned to Compliance
  • Number of Administrative or Civil Enforcement Actions Initiated from Inspections
  • Percent of Inspections where Inspection Reports are on Time
  • Percent of Administrative and Civil Enforcement Actions Initiated within 240 Days of the Date of the Inspection.
  • The number of emergency response actions for drug labs and off highway
  • Average time to responds to an Emergency Response
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