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UW for Small Businesses - Electronic Waste and CRTs

Electronic devices such as:

televisions, computer monitors and other video display devices, computers, printers, videocassette recorders (VCRs), cell phones, telephones, radios, and microwave ovens.  These devices often contain heavy metals like lead, cadmium, copper, and chromium.


Where can I dispose of e-waste devices?

Look for a participating e-waste retailer or recycler at E-Recycle.Org http://www.erecycle.org/.


Recycling working cell phones:

Cell phones are considered hazardous waste when no longer of use (broken or not) but, beginning on July 6, 2006, cell phone retailers must accept used cell phones.  

If you need to recycle a cell phone, take it back to the vendor you purchased it from, or you can take it to an e-waste recycler. See US EPA's website for more inforamtion.  http://www.epa.gov/epaoswer/hazwaste/recycle/ecycling/donate.htm

For additional questions, you can contact:
Regulatory Assistance Officers
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