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Final Regulations: Hazardous Wastes of Concern [Senate Bill 489 (2002)]

DTSC Reference Number: R-03-02
OAL Reference Number: 03-0701-04E

OAL Approval Date: 07/10/03
Secretary of State Filing Date: 07/10/03
Effective Date: 07/10/03

Senate Bill 489 (2002) defined hazardous wastes of concern (HWC) as having "the potential to be intentionally and effectively used to harm the public in a terrorist or other criminal act." These regulations specify that a HWC is an explosive material, a poisonous material, or a poisonous gas. SB 489 also requires transporters and facilities handling HWC to submit Disclosure Statements with fingerprints to DTSC for review and to immediately report of missing hazardous wastes of concern. These regulations also repeal and supercede the changes made by the Manifest Discrepancy Emergency Regulations adopted in April 2002.

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