Chapter 16. Recyclable Materials (Recyclable Hazardous Waste)

Article Title Section Range
Article 1 General §66266.1 - §66266.2

Article 2 Generator, Transporter and Facility Operator Requirements §66266.3 - §66266.12

Article 3 Requirements for Recyclable Materials that Are Placed on the Land (Used in a Manner that Constitutes Disposal) §66266.20 - §66266.21

Article 4 Hazardous Wastes and Certain Used Oils Regulated as Hazardous Waste Fuels §66266.30 - §66266.35

Article 5 Reserved §

Article 6 Requirements for Management of Used Oil §66266.50

Article 7 Requirements for Management of Spent Lead-Acid Storage Batteries §66266.80 - §66266.81

Article 8 Hazardous Waste Burned in Boilers and Industrial Furnaces §66266.100 - §66266.112

Article 8.5 Requirements for Management of Recyclable Materials Used in Agriculture §66266.115 - §66266.117

Article 9 Requirements for Management of Waste Elemental Mercury §66266.120

Article 10 Requirements for Management of Certain Oily Wastes §66266.130

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