Alternative Analysis III: Industry Practices in Product Research and Development, an Alternative Analysis

Symposium Details

  • September 15, 8:55 AM - 4:30 PM, Byron Sher Auditorium, Cal EPA Building

    Representatives of consumer product manufacturers convened in Sacramento for the symposium Alternatives Analysis III:  Industry Practices in Product Research and Development, an alternatives analysis.   A twelve member panel, of diverse business backgrounds, will share examples of how alternatives analysis approaches are used in developing and improving their products.

    The presentations affirm that key to innovation, and meeting consumer needs and preferences, is the ability for manufacturers to draw on a variety of existing decision making tools and approaches for developing products.   You can expect this symposium to provide a better understanding of the product R&D process;  evidence of how safety is inherent to product design and protecting Californians’ health and the environment; concepts that leverage existing practices to form the basis of an effective regulatory framework for alternatives analysis.

    The symposium is free and is open to the public.  Please join us!


Symposium Materials