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Key Elements

Currently in Phase Two, we have formed interagency teams within state government to begin development of plans for the “Key Elements” presented in the Phase One Options Report. The Key Elements are the building blocks for a successful California Green Chemistry program. These elements recurred throughout the array of possible options presented in Phase One. Teams are:

  • Empower Consumers To Make Informed Choices/Disseminate Information On Toxic Chemicals/Strategic International Partnerships.
  • Strengthening Consumer Protection Laws. 
  • Include Green Chemistry Principles In An Environmental Education Initiative.
  • Train A New Generation Of Scientists and Engineers.
  • Account For Chemical Toxicity And Impacts In State Procurement Decisions.
  • Expand California’s Pollution Prevention Program.

The Key Elements identified in the Phase 1: Compilation of Options are those recurring components that appeared throughout the multitude of options that were received. They have also been referred to as “early actions”. The goal, team leader, team members, any upcoming meetings, and any available drafts are identified for each in the Key Element Team Status matrix. If you have specific information regarding the activities of a specific Key Element team, contact the team leader via:

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