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Pollution Prevention Week 2012 (September 17-23)


California celebrated its first statewide Pollution Prevention (P2) Week October 4-10, 1993. The celebration coincided with the first National P2 Week. It has since become an annual event dedicated to education and action focused on reducing pollution at the source.

During National P2 week, California partners with local governments, environmental and economic development programs, industry associations, and environmental groups to present events that increase public awareness of pollution prevention. National P2 Week is a time for consumers and businesses throughout the state to learn and recognize that it makes both common and economic sense to protect our environment by using fewer toxic chemicals, reducing water and energy consumption, generating less solid and hazardous waste, and reducing air pollution.

DTSC’s pollution prevention programs deliver guidance to businesses on implementing P2 practices and provide opportunities for consumers to make their own P2 impact.


California's Green Station Program

Green Station Video Consumers now have a choice! DTSC has awarded green certification to hundreds of vehicle service and repair shops, along with auto body and paint shops, for practicing P2 principles. Car owners can view a list and/or a map of California Green Stations in their area. Choosing to do business with a certified California Green Station allows consumers to support P2 with both their conscience and their dollars.

California's Green Business Program

Green Business Video: Hesperian Cleaners DTSC is partnering with local governments to help businesses, from hotels to manufacturers, incorporate P2 into their daily operations. Data from site visits and interviews conducted by local green business programs are entered into a database managed by DTSC. Businesses that successfully complete the program are awarded green certification. Making the switch not only delivers certified California green businesses the potential for more customers, but, many are finding it can mean big savings in energy, water and waste hauling.

Lead Wheel Weights

Lead Wheel Weights Video As of January 1, 2010, California law prohibited the manufacture, sale or installation of wheel weights that contain more than 0.1% lead. DTSC is leading the analysis to find the best, safer alternative to using lead in wheel weights. Additionally, DTSC regularly engages tire installers to ensure awareness of the law and encourage compliance. Auto dealers and tire shops now carry lead weights made of zinc or steel.