Green Business Program

The California Green Business Program is a network of local governments working with DTSC to help companies make the switch to green business practices. Businesses earn a seal of certification from their local city or county by meeting rigorous criteria established by the California Green Business Program.

  • Certification criteria developed by DTSC can save your company money on energy, water, and garbage bills.
  • A green business seal of certification can give your company a competitive edge.
  • Switching to green makes your workplace safer and exposes staff to less hazardous and toxic materials.



Galleria Park Hotel Goes Green!

Watch: Top San Francisco hotel gets a green makeover that cuts expenses while guests feel totally pampered!

Video Script

Tires, Oil and Brakes Go Green?
Lloyds Tire Service Did and For Free!

Watch: How the free Green Business Program can save your business money.


Video Script

Watch how Hesperian Cleaners in San Lorenzo, CA is saving money and winning over new clients with the California Green Business Program certification!