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Sign up to be a Take-It-Back partner.If your retail store or organization accepts used batteries or fluorescent lamps for recycling, and you would like to participate in the program and be represented in the directory, please complete the information form.  We’ll get back to you with more information and register you for the program.




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Q. What Does a Business Have To Do If It’s a Partner?

Simply let your customers know that you “take back” used batteries or fluorescent lamps. Placing the Take-It-Back Logo in your window is an easy way to do that and brands you as a member of the statewide partnership. Usually the business has a large, highly visible container near the front entrance for customers to deposit the materials before they complete their shopping. Your business is responsible for paying a small fee to a recycler to pick up the materials, but the increased sales opportunities for your business makes it a good investment.

Q. What Does the State Provide for Partners?

We provide marketing and branding.  Partner locations will be entered into a searchable directory on a state Web site so the public can find the most convenient place to take these materials for recycling. Your logo will also be added to print, radio and Web marketing materials about the Partnership. The state provides easily recognizable posters and stickers to display in your window so the public knows you are a participating business.

Q. What is the California Take-It-Back Partnership?

The Partnership is a collaboration between government and business to provide convenient ways for consumers to recycle everyday wastes banned from the trash such as used batteries, fluorescent lamps and electronic devices. In addition, it provides branding and marketing opportunities for business. Research shows that participating in “take it back” programs:

  • Increases the number of customers coming into your store, which leads to increased sales and revenues.
  • Provides positive public relations relative to customer service and the environment.
  • Promotes your company through state-sponsored public service announcements and Web site links.
  • Brands your company and provides an “edge” over competitors.

Q. Why Recycle Fluorescent Lamps or Batteries?

Did you know that throwing used batteries, fluorescent lamps and other small electronics into the trash (even in a sealed container) can threaten public health and contaminate the soil and water? As of February 2006, the public and small businesses can no longer dispose of these items in the trash.

Q. Who Is Already a Partner?

The Partnership is based on the success of pilot projects in several communities. IKEA-City of Burbank was an early model for the Partnership and is the first statewide partner. Non-profit organizations such as Keep California Beautiful and Goodwill Industries are also partners.

Q. Who will pay for the recycling?

The price for recycling varies. Retailers are encouraged to “partner” with counties, recyclers and or corporations.

Q. Will I have to get a permit?

The regulatory requirements for collecting batteries, fluorescent lamps or some electronic devices are few. Under the universal waste rules, collectors of universal wastes do not need a hazardous waste permit. Collectors do not need to be registered as a hazardous waste transporter.