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Formalex® And FRC-3™ System For Treating 10 Percent Formalin

Certification No: 94-01-003

  Technology Description:

This is a simple, batch system for treatment of 10 percent Formalin waste from health care facilities. The treatment is carried out in a provided 2.5 gallon or other closed vessel utilizing Formalex® in specific ratio to the waste volume. The treatment chemically alters the wastes to allow for safe disposal to sanitary sewers. The FRC-3™ kit also provides methods of testing for unreacted formadehydes in the resultant solution which may contain up to ten percent by weight of polymeric colloidal solids which are non-hazardous. Specific conditions associated with the certification include requirements that the user understand safe work practices, work with their local sewer district to identify potential discharge requirements, and validate the test method for formaldehyde in the treated wastes.

Note: A final modification to this certification was published in the California Notice Register, No. 3-Z, January 17, 1997, pp 95-98. The changes included: removal of glutaraldehyde treatment from the certification; clarification that the analytical test kit used in conjuction with the technology was not being certified; and addition of specific conditions of use.

Issued to:
American Bio-Safety, Inc.
4320 Anthony Court, No. 16
Rocklin, CA 95677
S&S Company of Georgia
827 Pine Avenue
P.O. Box 45
Albany, Georgia 31702-0045
Larry Larson
(916) 652-8021

Randy Skalla
(912) 435-8394
Effective Date:
August 8, 1994
Expiration Date:
August 8, 1999
DTSC Contact:
Dr. Bruce LaBelle
(916) 324-2958

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