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Final Decision to Certify Hazardous Waste Environmental Technology


Certification No: 97-01-024

Technology Description:

The patented SCIGEN NEUTRALEX technology is a batch chemical treatment process designed to treat aqueous formaldehyde in 10% neutral buffered Formalin (10% NBF) waste from histopathology tissue specimen preservation and from the operation of automated histopathology tissue processors in the health care industry. Use of the SCIGEN NEUTRALEX technology on 10% NBF waste as directed has the potential to reduce the exposure to formaldehyde vapors and allow safer management and disposal of the treated wastes. The technology can achieve reductions in formaldehyde concentrations in the 10% NBF wastes to less than 10 ppm residual formaldehyde when used in accordance with SCIGEN's standard operating procedures.

Issued to:
333 East Gardena Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90249
Steve Wheeler
(310) 324-6576
Effective Date:
June 29, 1997
Expiration Date:
June 29, 2000
DTSC Contact:
Dr. Bruce LaBelle
(916) 324-2958

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