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Final Decision to Certify Hazardous Waste Environmental Technology

Electric Mobile Oil Refiner

Certification No: 94-01-001

*NOTE: Technology has been re-certified in 1998 under a new name - puraDYN Filter Technologies, Inc. See Certification No. 98-01-027 for current listing.

Technology Description:

Certified as a pollution prevention technology, the Electric Mobile Oil Refiner is a bypass engine oil filtration system which extends the intervals between oil changes. The use of the system has the potential to radically lower the generation of waste oil. The system has been successfully used to reduce, and in some instances, eliminate engine oil changes on diesel truck fleets.

Issued to:
T.F. Purifiner, Inc.
3020 High Ridge Rd, Suite 100
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Richard Ford
(800) 488-0577
Effective Date:
July 25, 1994
Expiration Date:
July 25, 1997
C.F. Services
2635 Madison Street
Esparto, CA 95627
Grant Cooper
(916) 668-1794
FAX (916) 787-3027
DTSC Contact:
Ronald Lewis
(916) 322-6872

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