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Recommendations for Certification Protocol

Recommendations for Certification Protocol for Alternative Cleaning Chemistries contains recommendations from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on criteria to be used by DTSC as a basis for certifying technologies under the Environmental Technology Verification Program. The purpose of the certification criteria is to establish a basis for evaluating cleaning chemistries whose use will help reduce health and environmental risks associated with industrial cleaning operations, without sacrificing cleaning performance.

Candidate chemistries will be evaluated to determine whether they qualify for an Alternative Cleaning Chemistry Certification, as well as to identify the class of certification that is appropriate for qualified chemistries. A cleaning chemistry is eligible for approval in one or more of the following classes of certification:

  • Precision Metals cleaning:  for parts produced in close tolerance electroplating, machining, casting, and other types of metal fabrication operations.

  • Precision Electronics cleaning:  for printed circuit board, semiconductor, and electronic component cleaning operations.

  • General Purpose cleaning:  for less demanding applications such as automobile repair shop cleaning.

DTSC has not yet adopted these recommendations and is seeking input from interested stakeholders on the advisability of utilizing these criteria as a part of the ETV program.

Please contact Greg Williams at (916) 322-04530 or email: gwilliam@dtsc.ca.gov.

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