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2010 SB 14 Summary Progress Report On-Line Reporting Form

A hazardous waste generator subject to SB 14, is required to complete and submit Tables 1 and 2 to the Department of Toxic Substances Control by September 1, 2011.  The generator is to submit only one Table 1. The generator may need to submit more than one Table 2, one for each reportable waste stream as stated thereon.

See Summary Progress Report publication in the SB 14 Guidance Manual Chapter 7, for assistance.

Once you enter an EPA ID Number, you will have seven (7) days to complete or edit your Summary Progress Report (SPR).  During those seven days, you may visit this site as many times as is necessary to complete your SPR.

Note: For security reasons, if you don't complete your SPR in a single session, you must use the same computer each time you return to edit your SPR.

After the seven day period, you must contact DTSC's Office of Pollution Prevention and Green Technology at (916) 322-3670 or e-mail to SB14@dtsc.ca.gov to make revisions to your SPR.

Upon submission of your On-Line SPR or Certification of Exempt Status, a receipt will be displayed which you may keep for your records.

To enter a new, or edit an existing SPR or Certification of Exempt Status:

1.      EPA ID Number:  

Please enter the EPA ID Number for which you are reporting or claiming exempt status.

2.     Multiple Sites?  Yes   No 

Are you reporting for multiple sites on your SPR or Certification of Exempt Status ?
If you are submitting a multi-site SPR, you will be able to list your additional EPA ID numbers on the following screen.

3.      TABLE 1 Already Submitted?   

If you are submitting an SPR or Certification of Exempt Status, have you already completed and submitted TABLE 1: GENERAL INFORMATION for this EPA ID Number?

4.      Claiming Exempt Status?  

Or, you may claim exempt status for 2010.

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