Annual EPA ID Number Verification Questionnaire FAQs

EPA ED Number Verification Questionnaire and Manifest Fees Assessment
The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has developed an online reporting system for the ID number verification and hazardous waste manifest fees assessment.  If you do not have an electronic Verification Questionnaire (eVQ) account, please go to


Annual EPA ID Number Verification Questionnaire – Generators, transporters, and facilities that are authorized to store, transport, treat, and dispose of hazardous waste are required to annually verify their ID Number information per Health & Safety Code section 25205.16(b). 

Frequently Asked Questions

2015 Verification Questionnaire - No more paper returns!  DTSC has transitioned to an online reporting system for the annual Verification Questionnaire and hazardous waste manifest fees assessment.  The electronic Verification Questionnaire (eVQ) offers a fast and convenient process for verifying your ID number information and calculating your ID verification and hazardous waste manifest fees.

Q.   How do I register to file online?

A.   From the eVQ home page at, select the "Request New eVQ Account" link.  When the new screen appears, enter your EPA ID number.  Please make sure that you enter the complete EPA ID Number with the CAL, CAR, CAD or CAC prefix, and no space between the prefix and numbers.  The information we have on file for the ID Number will pre-populate the fields.  You will then create a user name and password and review the information in the fields and update if necessary.After you have successfully registered for an account, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please add to your email list of "safe" or "trusted" senders to ensure that you receive the email notices.  Please note that registering for an account does not complete the verification process.  You must log into the eVQ system to access the verification process.

Q.   Will DTSC mail the paper verification documents?

A.   DTSC has created the electronic ID verification system in an effort to reduce paper use; therefore, we will not be mailing hard copies of the Verification Questionnaire and fee documents.

Q.   I entered my ID number to register, but received the message "Error: Unable to associate EPA ID number.   It has been used by another user.  "What should I do?

A.   First, check to see if you have already created an eVQ account in the past.Go back to the eVQ Home page by selecting the eVQ Home tab.Select "Forgot user name/password?", and enter your email address.You will be sent your user name and password if you have an established account..Please add to your email list of "safe" or "trusted" senders to ensure that you receive the email notices

Q.   I am a new contact for my company.How do I set up a new eVQ account?

A.   If your company has an eVQ account, but you are not the listed contact, you can update the contact information.  From the eVQ home page, select "Log Into eVQ System".  Beneath the log in area, select "Update eVQ Account Contact".  You will be asked to validate account information from the previous account contact (email address, zip code and phone number). Once you provide the correct information, you will be able to create a new account.

Q.   I have multiple EPA ID numbers.  Do I need a separate eVQ account for each ID number?

A.   You may have multiple EPA ID numbers in an eVQ account if they are all under the same federal tax ID number (FEIN).  If your ID numbers have different FEIN numbers, you must set up a separate account for each FEIN.  Each account must have a unique user name, but you may use the same email address on each account.

Q.   How do I complete the verification and fees assessment?

A.   Log into your account, and follow the instructions in each step.Before you begin, download the instructions so that you may refer to them during the verification process.Each step has additional information to assist you as you go through the process.After you have completed the verification process, you will receive a confirmation email.

Q.   What do I do if one of my ID numbers is missing from the list in Step 3?

A.   You may add ID numbers that are missing.In Step 3, select "Add ID Number", enter the ID number, and then click "Add to List".  Verify that the correct ID number and correct facility have been added.

Q.   How do I know that my verification was submitted successfully?

A.   You will receive an email confirmation.

Q.   What is an FEIN Number?

A.   A Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, is used to identify a business entity. Generally, businesses need an FEIN.For detailed information on FEIN Numbers, go to the IRS website. If you do not have an FEIN, leave this field blank.

Q.   What is the BOE Number?

A.   If your business generates or produces less than five (5) tons of hazardous waste per year, the BOE Hazardous Waste Account number does not apply to you.  Leave the BOE number blank.

If your business generates or produces five (5) or more tons of hazardous waste per calendar year, regardless of the final disposition of the waste, you need a Board of Equalization (BOE) Number (HG EF 36-xxxxxx).  The BOE Hazardous Waste Account Number is also known as a generator fee account number.

If you need a BOE Hazardous Waste Account Number, you must apply through BOE eRegistration.  If you have questions regarding registration, please contact BOE's Taxpayer Information Section for assistance at 1-800-400-7115 toll free. Do not delay the Verification Questionnaire process while you wait for a BOE Number. You can notify DTSC later when you receive your BOE Hazardous Waste Account Number. You can find additional information on theBOE Website.

Q.   What is the SIC Code?

A.   The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code is a 4-digit number that best describes your company's primary business activity.  If you do not know the SIC Code, you can find it on the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration's Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System Search.If your ID numbers have different SIC Codes, choose the one that best describes your company overall.

Q.   The manifest counts that DTSC recorded do not match my records.  How can I get manifest information?

A.   You will see a list of the manifest tracking number(s) and shipping date(s) for the manifests that DTSC has recorded in Step 3 of the eVQ when you click on the ID number.

Q.   My number is inactive.  Do I have to complete the verification process?

A.   Yes, you must complete the verification for any ID number that has been used on a hazardous waste manifest in the last calendar year whether or not the ID number has active status.  Occasionally, an incorrect ID number is used on a hazardous waste manifest.If you believe your ID number has been used erroneously, please contact us at

Some possible scenarios of manifest errors:

   (1)  The new company at the site location may have inadvertently used your ID number.

   (2) Another company has inadvertently used your ID number (mistakes such as typos, transposed numbers, etc.

   (3) Your company may have changed locations, but you are using your previous ID number on hazardous waste manifests at your new location.  Review your manifests to see if this is the case.

Q.   I used an incorrect ID number on a manifest.  What should I do?

A.   You can find information on how to correct manifests on the Hazardous Waste Manifest Information webpage.  Select the link "Manifest Correction Letters".  When completing the ID number verification process, you may move the manifest count to the correct ID number.

Q.   I have an ID number that is inactive.  Why is it inactive?  How do I reactivate the ID number?

A.   DTSC may have inactivated your ID number because we did not receive a Verification Questionnaire from your company in the past, or the post office returned your Verification Questionnaire as undeliverable. Returning this year's Verification Questionnaire does not automatically reactivate the number.  Refer to the Permanent Hazardous Waste ID Numbers webpage to reactivate your ID Number.

Q.   Do I count temporary and/or part-time employees?

A.   Employees who worked more than 500 hours during calendar year 2014 should be included in your count.

Q.   Can I pay my fees online?

A.   DTSC does not have an online payment system yet.If you owe fees, you must print the invoice and mail it with your payment.

Q.   What is the Department of Toxic Substances Control's Tax ID number?

A.   The Tax ID number is 68-0281381.