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 Recycling Mercury Thermostats

Recycling Mercury Thermostats is not a choice…it’s the law
September 27, 2011

Mercury is toxic and thermostats containing mercury need to be handled safely in order to be recycled.  HVAC contractors, demolition contractors and service technicians need to know how to properly recycle mercury thermostats because it’s not a choice…it’s the law.

Bay Area Hotel Goes Green 

Bay Area Hotel Goes Green
September 9, 2011

With the help of DTSC and the Bay Area Green Business Program the Galleria Park Hotel changed its business practices to become a ‘green business’.

 DTSC tackles a huge environmental problem

DTSC tackles a huge environmental problem
August 16, 2011

Some dry cleaning solvents can be hazardous to the environment.  That’s why DTSC is removing these toxic chemicals from California’s soil and ground water.

 DTSC’s Environmental Chemistry Lab

Take a look inside DTSC’s Environmental Chemistry Lab
August 10, 2011

DTSC’s Environmental Chemistry Lab in Berkeley, California, houses state-of-the-art lab equipment used to test for toxic chemicals.

 Hesperian cleaners are a ‘green’ dry cleaning business.

Hesperian cleaners are a 'green' dry cleaning business
June 21, 2011
With the help of the Department of Toxic Substances Control and the Alameda Green Business Program it’s gotten rid of the nasty chemicals used for traditional dry cleaning in favor of ‘wet cleaning’ and adopted many other green business practices.

 U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson visits CalEPA headquarters

U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson visits CalEPA headquarters
June 16, 2011
The head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson visited CalEPA headquarters on Monday June 13th, and told employees that the Sacramento region is playing an important role in attracting green jobs and a green clean tech industry. Jackson met with CalEPA Secretary Linda Adams and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson as she attended a seminar about turning the region into a green business hub

 DTSC celebrates the IYC at it’s Berkeley ECL Lab

DTSC celebrates the IYC at it’s Berkeley Lab
June 13, 2011
DTSC holds a workshop in celebration of the International Year of Chemistry and women’s achievements in chemistry.

For more information on the International Year of Chemistry visit their website at http://www.chemistry2011.org/.

 Pollution Prevention Video Contest

Pollution Prevention Video Contest
May 16, 2011
Cameras are now rolling on DTSC’s Pollution Prevention Week 2011 Video Contest. Assemble your cast and crew to create a winning entry based on the theme: “It Starts With Me!” Top videos will be featured on DTSC’s website. And the winner will have his or her video screened at San Francisco’s Green Film Festival!

 UC Berkeley Success Story

Higher Education Goes Green
April 11, 2011
UC Berkeley is rebuilding and redesigning its chemistry labs and curriculum to teach its students about green chemistry.

 Lloyd's Tire Service isn't like most auto repair shops...that's because they're a member of the Bay Area Green Business Program.

Lloyd’s Tire Media Archive Description
April 8, 2011
Lloyd's Tire Service isn't like most auto repair shops...that's because they're a member of the Bay Area Green Business Program.  With the help of the Green Business Program and the Department of Toxic Substance Control Lloyd’s Tire Service is cleaner and greener than what you might expect from an auto shop.

Trailblazers in Green Chemistry: Valley Chrome Plating
December 20, 2010
With encouragement of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, Valley Chrome became one of the first sizeable decorative plating firms in the U.S. to abandon carcinogenic hexavalent chrome in its manufacturing process and switch to less toxic trivalent chrome. The shift is a key component of Green Chemistry. Replacing dangerous chemicals with safer alternatives protects workers, consumers and the environment while creating new business opportunities.
 Berkeley Lab Kids

DTSC Scientists Reach Out to the Next Generation
February 10, 2011
Scientists from DTSC gave middle school students an in-depth tour of our Berkeley Environmental Chemistry Lab.  It was a chance to engage with the community and show young students the wonders of science.


 undefined DTSC's Call for entries!
July 30, 2010
As part of Pollution Prevention Week 2010, DTSC wants you to make your voice heard! Create a short video to show us how you are taking simple steps to help prevent pollution.
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Green Chemistry Draft Regulation Workshop Highlights
July 13, 2010
Watch a sampling of comments and questions made during the July 7 and 8 workshops for the Draft Regulation for Safer Consumer Products.
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Brownfields - DTSC Cleans Up Toxic Lands
May 11, 2010
Returning polluted properties into productive use. California has lots of underutilized land that is not being used because its contaminated with toxic materials and chemicals. DTSC Brownfields program is committed to returning these polluted properties into productive use. Watch the video.
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Cal EPA hosts Earth Day at HQ
May 05, 2010
California's Environmental Protection Agency hosted a public Earth Day event at their Sacramento Headquarters to promote environmental issues and solutions to adults and children.
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Lead Wheel Weights
May 04, 2010
New state legislation now makes it illegal in California to sell, manufacture or install lead wheel weights. Violators can end up facing a hefty penalty: $2,500 per day, per violation.
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DTSC and Nanotechnology
March 09, 2010
Nanotechnology is a science that promises breakthroughs in all kinds of areas. We are already seeing it in stain resistant clothes, stronger materials and even in makeup. DTSC is working to make sure that Nanotechnology is safe for our health and the environment, that industry and government build strong partnerships, that the consumers get product information and that the benefits of Green chemistry will be incorporated.
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DTSC Brownfields - San Francisco
February 11, 2010
As part of DTSC's commitment to cleaning up the environment, it has awarded the Martin Building Company in San Francisco $1.675 million in ARRA (stimulus) funds. This project will result in the construction of 180 residential units, a restaurant and day care center. In addition the redevelopment project is expected to generate $1.2 million dollars in annual sales and property revenue.
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DTSC Brownfields Fertilizer
February 11, 2010
As part of DTSC's commitment to cleaning up the environment, it has partnered with USEPA to help clean up a super fund site in Davis California. This site, Frontier Fertilizer received $2.5 million in ARRA (stimulus) funds, to help remove industrial contaminants from soil and ground water.
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Lead in Jewelry and Toys
Dec 21, 2009
Lead is a toxic metal that can cause serious health problems and even death. DTSCs Environmental Justice Initiative is a program designed to address the increased toxic risk and exposure often found in low-income communities throughout California. Furthermore the DTSC is using California's Green Chemistry Initiative to identify chemicals (like lead), that are used in every day products (like children's jewelry) that are harmful to humans and the environment.
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DTSC's Nanotechnology Symposium - Nov 2009
November 16, 2009
Industry leaders, academic experts and government officials convened in Sacramento for the fifth nanotechnology symposium sponsored by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).
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Ocean Trash & Green Chemistry
October 22, 2009
DTSC Acting Director Maziar Movassaghi and environmental groups explain how to tackle the growing problem of ocean pollution! The trash is killing our marine life! Lets stop it now! Green-Chemistry is a game-changing process which allows everyday products to be redesigned using safer chemicals that naturally break down without harming the environment. Check it out! Its the future.
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Brownfields Press Conference
October 21, 2009
In October 2009, DTSC and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced $5 million in grants and low-interest loans that will help bring nearly 500 jobs to the Bay Area.
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Analog TV Recycling
July 18, 2009
This video will explain why it's important to recycle your analog TV.
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