News Release

Maziar Movassaghi, Acting Director

November 3, 2009

Contact: Mercedes Azar
(916) 324-2997

DTSC Releases New Draft Order for
Cleanup of Santa Susana Field Laboratory

SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) today released a new draft consent order for the Santa Susana Field Laboratory that, once completed, will protect public health and the environment and will ensure strict compliance with state laws requiring cleanup of the contaminated site.

The new draft order is based on comments received during a recent public comment period held by DTSC for two previously released draft orders. It proposes the actions the parties responsible for contaminating the property – the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), NASA and The Boeing Company – will have to follow to comply with SB 990 (Kuehl, 2007), the California law signed by Governor Schwarzenegger that requires stringent cleanup of the site.

“This draft order brings us one step closer to the long-sought-after cleanup of the Santa Susana site,” said Maziar Movassaghi, DTSC Acting Director. “DTSC is firmly committed to implementing SB 990, and this document puts the safety of the community and the environment front and center as we move forward to reach an agreement to clean up decades of contamination.”

Key to the new Draft Consent Order for Response Action:

  • The inclusion of The Boeing Company as a responsible party to the cleanup.
  • The requirement that Boeing, DOE and NASA clean up the site in compliance with SB 990.

This new draft order does not represent a consensus document with the three responsible parties (DOE, NASA, Boeing). NASA has specifically asked not to be included in the order but DTSC intends to continue working with them to reach agreement. Under a separate agreement with DTSC, Boeing, principal owner and operator of the 2,800-acre research facility has until November 13 to comment on the new draft order. The other responsible parties, DOE and NASA, as well as other interested parties are also encouraged to comment. DTSC will continue negotiations regarding the draft order with all three parties and will meet with the public to report on the talks.

“We’re committed to a transparent process that involves the community,” Movassaghi said. “All of our negotiations are squarely aimed at making sure that Boeing, NASA and DOE clean up Santa Susana in full compliance with California law and pay for the work that must be done.”

DTSC also is releasing today a list of frequently asked questions explaining why some proposals made by those responsible for the pollution would prevent the cleanup from meeting the standards set by SB 990.

View the new Draft Order for Response Action, FAQs and other information.

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