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2014 Restoring Communities and Protecting California: DTSC Successes

Brownfields Cleanups

Brownfields are contaminated industrial and manufacturing sites that require cleanups before being developed for new uses. DTSC has cleaned up thousands of acres of brownfields to create new housing, offices, stores and jobs.

Safer Schools

When school districts use state construction funds to expand or build new school campuses, DTSC inspects the sites and rids them of any contaminants that may exist. Since 2000 DTSC has ensured the environmental safety of 500,000 students at these sites.

Safer Products

DTSC encourages the development of products and processes that use fewer potentially hazardous materials. Many California businesses are emerging as trailblazers.

Emergency Response

DTSC is often among the first responders to emergency situations, such as floods, spills and accidents that involve toxic and hazardous materials.

Spotlight on DTSC

Highlighting recent happenings within DTSC throughout California.