News Release

T – 17 – 14
Miriam Barcellona Ingenito, Acting Director

July 29, 2014

Contact: Sanford (Sandy) Nax
(916) 327-6114


SACRAMENTO – A company that operates a facility in Hayward has agreed to pay $110,000 to the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to settle allegations that it repeatedly stored asbestos longer than allowed and didn’t properly label containers.

As a registered hazardous waste transporter, Synergy Enterprises Inc. violated California hazardous waste laws and regulations by transporting asbestos waste to its facility and storing it for more than 10 days without a permit or authorization.

DTSC’s review of hazardous waste manifests documented 951 instances where Synergy stored asbestos waste for more than 10 days in 2010, 2011 and part of 2012. In addition, the company failed to properly label 15 containers of hazardous waste.

In the settlement reached last week, the company agreed to pay $110,000, of which $14,348 is to reimburse DTSC’s cost of enforcement. Synergy Enterprises also agreed to the following:

  • Empty all bags of asbestos waste into an appropriate container within 24 hours of acceptance;
  • Have a hazardous waste transporter empty all Dumpsters within a week; and
  • Update manifests daily into a central computer system.

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FOR GENERAL INQUIRIES: Contact the Department of Toxic Substances Control by phone at (800) 728-6942 or visit To report illegal handling, discharge, or disposal of hazardous waste, call the Waste Alert Hotline at (800) 698-6942.

The mission of DTSC is to protect California’s people and environment from harmful effects of toxic substances by restoring contaminated properties, enforcing hazardous waste law, reducing hazardous waste generation, and encouraging the manufacture of chemically safer products.