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Barbara A. Lee, Director

July 15, 2016

Contact: Ben Edokpayi
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DTSC Begins Rulemaking for Children’s Nap Mats

SACRAMENTO – The Department of Toxic Substances Control Safer Consumer Products (SCP) program will begin Rulemaking to list Children’s Nap Mats containing the flame retardants TDCPP and TCEP as a product-chemical combination that has the potential to cause harm. This product is the first of three proposed Priority Products the department will ask manufacturers to find a safer alternative. The two flame retardants are listed as carcinogens by the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, can cause chronic health effects, and are especially dangerous to children.

These polyurethane foam-padded sleeping products include:

  • Nap mats and cots
  • Sleep positioners
  • Travel Beds
  • Bassinet foam
  • Portable crib mattresses
  • Play pens
  • Car bed pads

“This is a significant milestone in our quest to ensure safer products for consumers in California,” said DTSC Director Barbara Lee. “We encourage feedback from the public at every stage of this process.”

The public can provide comments and feedback on the proposed regulation through the program’s information management system, CalSAFER.

Following this week’s approval by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL), regulations for Children’s Nap Mats will now move through several stages including a public comment period and hearing. When the regulations are enacted it will start the Alternatives Analysis process, requiring manufacturers to ascertain if a chemical is necessary in a product or if there is a safer alternative, while avoiding regrettable substitutions (substitutions with chemicals that may not be safer or substitute one hazard for another).

“The Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association applauds this action by DTSC,” said Mark Fellin, the associations’ Director of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs. “Our manufacturers have a long history of working with regulators and legislators to ensure only the safest products are available for the consumer. The state of California has worked to enact common sense regulations for flame retardants. We share the same goal of eliminating these chemicals from our products.”

The projected date for the regulations to become law is January 1, 2017.

“Children and infants are especially vulnerable to the effects of harmful chemicals, so it’s important to protect them while they grow and develop. Many manufacturers have begun to take steps to remove flame retardants and our regulations will ensure that all manufacturers follow suit and look for a safer way to make these products,” said Meredith Williams, Safer Products and Workplaces Program Deputy Director.

The Rulemaking is the first for SCP’s three initial Priority Products. The next two will focus on regulations for:

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