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Barbara A. Lee, Director

December 19, 2016

Contact: Ben Edokpayi
(916) 322-4799

DTSC Releases Draft of Safer Consumer Products Alternatives Analysis
Guide for Public Comment

SACRAMENTO – The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) Safer Consumer Products (SCP) program has released its Draft Alternatives Analysis (AA) Guide to the public and more than 3,000 stakeholders, industry experts, government officials and the media. The AA Guide was developed to assist manufacturers identify safer alternatives for hazardous ingredients in consumer products.The Guide is an important step in the implementation of California’s pioneering Safer Consumer Products (SCP) regulations, and many of the concepts in the guide provide solutions and ideas for resolving specific difficulties and choices encountered when conducting an AA process.

“A primary goal of this program is to challenge manufacturers to make their products safer by avoiding regrettable substitutions. We are committed to providing support to our stakeholders and will continue to use their input to make the Guide a valuable resource to finding safer alternatives for hazardous ingredients in consumer products,” said Dr. Meredith Williams, Deputy Director for DTSC’s Safer Consumer Products and Workplaces Program.

The AA Guide is written to assist manufacturers and AA practitioners comply with DTSC SCP regulations. It provides guidelines on each component of the AA requirements and will help responsible entities navigate the DTSC SCP Alternatives Analysis process, providing useful approaches, methods, resources, tools and examples of how to fulfill DTSC SCP’s regulatory requirements.

The release of the AA Guide coincides with a public comment period that will run through January 20, 2017. To download and comment on the Draft AA Guide go to the DTSC Safer Consumer Products Information Management System (CalSAFER). A webinar to present and discuss the Guide is also scheduled on January 10, 2017. Registration for the webinar is now open. Comments provided through CalSAFER will be incorporated into the final version of the AA Guide and presented to DTSC’s Green Ribbon Science Panel for a final evaluation and release in early 2017.

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