The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) maintains e-mail lists also known as ELists for stakeholders interested in the programs listed below. To receive email information from these ELists click on any of the "subscribe" options to sign up for our mailing lists. Enter your email address and click "Continue". An email including instructions for updating your profile will be mailed to your account. Please click on or copy and paste the link provided in the email to your browser. You will be directed to a page where you will be able to update your profile with additional information, and subscribe or unsubscribe to any of the DTSC EList accounts.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding the DTSC ELists please contact the EList Coordinator at EList@dtsc.ca.gov.

EList Description Action

All Regulations Receive e-mail notification of all DTSC 45 day public rulemaking notices and notification of all DTSC emergency rulemakings. Subscribe

Brownfield Funding Information Receive information on Brownfield assessment and cleanup grants and loans.


California Brake Pad Law

Subscribers will receive e-mail notifications regarding news and information on the implementation of the California brake pad law, including web updates, publications, seminars and other related items of interest.


Cal. Code Regs. Title 22 Updates Receive e-mail notification when DTSC updates its Unofficial California Code of Regulations,Title 22. Subscribe

Community Protection and Hazardous Waste Reduction Initiative Subscribers will receive e-mail notifications containing news and information about DTSC's Community Protection and Hazardous Waste Reduction Initiative. Information will include meeting notices and agendas, project updates, and other items of interest. Subscribe

DTSC News Feed DTSC News Feed is a weekly email that pulls together short updates and internet links to keep you informed about the latest accomplishments and news highlights at the State Department of Toxic Substances Control. Subscribe

Electronic Waste The Electronic Waste Elist provides collectors (handlers and recyclers) of e-waste with periodic newsletters from the Department of Toxic Substances Control and any pertinent information regarding e-waste legislation and regulation, and requirements for annual reports, exports, and management standards. Subscribe

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facilities (HHWCF)

The recipients are public agencies or contractors that operate household hazardous waste collection facilities (HHWCF) who are interested to be part of the HHWCF workgroup.  The HHWCF workgroup participates in prescheduled conference call that channel all HHWCF-related questions, comments or concerns to DTSC's RAO.  In response, DTSC's RAOunit will develop guidance or FAQ that provide clarification or regulatory/statutory interpretation.



Independent Review Panel
 This EList is a notification tool for the community concerning the Independent Review Panel's public meeting schedules and materials. Subscribe


Management of Treated Wood Wastes - R-2005-04 Distribution of notices and information by email to persons interested in Management of Treated Wood Waste Regulations(R-2005-04). Health and Safety Code section 25150.7(g) requires DTSC to adopt regulations by January 1, 2007, to establish management standards for Treated Wood Waste as an alternative to hazardous waste requirements. Subscribe

Mercury Thermostat Collection and Performance Requirement Receive email notification of all public rulemaking notices and notification of all other developments concerning Mercury Thermostat Recovery Regulations. Subscribe

Metal Shredder Residues Stakeholders EList

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) is initiating the review of current technical data and information on Metal Shredder Residues (MSR) treatment processes to assist in the re-evaluation of waste classification decisions and waste management requirements.  DTSC is inviting input from the public in order to compile information and concerns brought forward by affected communities and stakeholders.  The public process will ensure that DTSC’s decisions are based on the best available technical information, while the public and all best interested stakeholders are able to participate fully, provide feedback, and comment directly to DTSC.  DTSC will develop a recommended course of action based on the findings of the process.


Methamphetamine Contaminated Property Clean Up Subscribers receive email notification for methamphetamine contaminated property workshops and relevant postings on health-based cleanup standard for methamphetamine. Receive notifications on new postings regarding DTSC requirements to develop health-based cleanup standards for iodine, methyl iodide, and phosphine; sampling and analytical methods for methamphetamine residue; and cleanup procedures for residual contamination from dwellings used to illegally manufacture methamphetamine. Subscribe

Nanotechnology EList Subscribers will receive regular e-mail notifications of nanotechnology news and information, including workshops, publications, seminars and related items of interest. Subscribe

Proposed Amendments to Class 1 Permit Modification Procedures: R-2005-10 For equipment replacements and upgrades that are Class 1 permit modifications, the proposed regulations would adopt the federal timeframe of notifying DTSC within seven days following the change, rather than 30 days prior to the change. Subscribe

Safer Consumer Products

Subscribers will receive regular e-mail notifications containing news and information about DTSC’s Safer Consumer Products program. Information will include workshops, publications, and seminars, along with other items of interest.


Santa Susana Field Laboratory Subscribers will receive regular e-mail notifications of Santa Susana Field Laboratory news and information, including information about community meetings, workshops, document posting, opportunities for public participation and comment, and related items of interest. Subscribe

Retail Industry
Subscribers will receive e-mail notifications of Retail Industry hazardous waste management news and information, including web updates, stakeholder meetings, workshops and other related items of interest.  Subscribe

Solar Panel Regulations Disseminates info and offers stakeholder comments on in-development Regulatory Exemptions for Hazardous Waste Solar Panels. Subscribe

Toxics in Jewelry This EList provides email notification of statutory and regulatory changes, website updates, events, trainings, and document availability regarding toxic substances in jewelry that are currently regulated in California. Subscribe

Toxics In Packaging Receive email notification of website updates, events, trainings, and document availability regarding Toxics in Packaging. Subscribe

Whittaker-Bermite Facility in Santa Clarita Subscribers will receive e-mails about the cleanup activities at the Whittaker-Bermite Facility in Santa Clarita. Subscribe