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Managing Hazardous Waste at Foreclosed Properties

It is the responsibility of the new owner or the restoration company (as the generator) to determine whether or not household chemicals and materials (such as universal waste), left by former residents, are materials that can be used for their intended purpose, or if those materials are a waste.  If possible, common household chemicals (such as cleaners, and gardening and automotive products) and materials can and should be used by others instead of being discarded.

Improper handling of hazardous waste presents a real threat to the environment.  There are federal and state laws and regulations that govern the handling of hazardous waste.  You should consult the actual statutes and regulations to be sure that you are in compliance.

DTSC has provided general guidance about managing materials and hazardous waste that may be found at foreclosed properties.

Options that are covered in the fact sheet are:

  • Option 1- Use the materials for their intended purpose
  • Option 2 – Qualifying as a CESQG
  • Option 3 – Disposal using a registered hazardous waste transporter
  • Option 3a – Hire a registered hazardous waste transporter
  • Option 3b – Register as a hazardous waste transporter
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