Department of Toxic Substances Control Department of Toxic Substances Control

Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA)

The Enforcement and Emergency Response Program (EERP) administers the technical implementation of the state'sUnified Program- a consolidation of six environmental programs at the local level.  EERP conducts triennial reviews of Unified Program agencies to ensure their programs are consistent statewide, conform to standards, and deliver quality environmental protection at the local level.  EERP oversees the hazardous waste generator and onsite waste treatment surveillance and enforcement program carried out by local Unified Programs.
DTSC was certified, effective January 1, 2005, to be the CUPA for Imperial and Trinity Counties.

CUPA Liaison Hotline

The State Oversight and Enforcement Branch (SOEB) recognizes the need for technical assistance from DTSC in a timely and predictable fashion, and wishes to minimize the disruption any future reorganization may cause.  SOEB/EERP has established a toll-free number for all CUPAs to use in order to reach a liaison.  If you are a CUPA and have a question, please call our toll-free number at 1-888-988-7058.



Reports/Notices - Corrective Action Delegation

Tier 2 Level Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Assessment and Corrective Action


Unified Program Training

EERP Training
DTSC supports the training needs and activities for the CUPAs, DTSC staff, industry, and the regulated community. EERP staff are members of the Unified Program Trainers Committee which is composed of state and local training coordinators, and addresses CUPA training issues. Through this committee EERP staff worked closely with the CUPAs to assess training needs and plan and coordinate CUPA training. 

For regulations regarding the Unified Program Administration and programs, please click on the link for Cal/EPAs Unified Program Laws and Regulations.