Pollution Prevention

The Pollution Prevention(P2) Branch delivers guidance to businesses on implementing pollution prevention principles- generating less solid and hazardous waste, using fewer toxic chemicals, conserving water and energy, reducing air pollution.

The California Green Business Program show businesses how embracing pollution prevention can save them money while protecting our environment. The program also gives consumers a meaningful choice in doing business with companies committed to going green.

P2 Branch Programs

  • California Green Business Program - Local governments are partnering with DTSC to award statewide certification to businesses that have implemented pollution prevention principles above and beyond what is required by law.
  • (SB14) Hazardous Waste Source Reduction and Management Review Act of 1989 - Businesses and organizations are required to consider and develop a plan to reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated from their activity. This law applies to companies producing more than 12,000 kilograms of hazardous waste or 12 kilograms of extremely hazardous waste.
  • Metal Finishing Model Shop Program - Industry and regulatory agencies are working together to find both money and resources to help metal finishers run cleaner, safer shops.

P2 Branch Special Projects