Alternatives Analysis

In the Alternatives Analysis process, manufacturers must compare the Chemical of Concern in a Priority Product with potential alternatives to determine if there is a safer way to make the product.

What is Alternatives Analysis?

What is "Alternatives Analysis"?

Who Needs to Prepare An Alternative Analysis?

Who Needs to Prepare An Alternatives Analysis?


Alternatives Analysis (AA) is a process described in the Safer Consumer Products Regulations. It compares an existing Priority Product (a product that contains a Chemical of Concern) with potential alternatives...


The manufacturer of a product or another responsible entity such as a consortium, trade association, public-private partnership, non-profit organization, or other entity acting on behalf of the responsible entity...

Alternative Analysis Guide

Alternatives Analysis Guide

Alternatives Analysis Resources

Alternatives Analysis Resources


The Draft Alternatives Analysis Guide was released in December 2016. A webinar and opportunity for public review and input was provided. The AA Guide is designed to help


View or download Alternatives Analysis resource materials such as guidance information, an assessment guide, reports, and presentations from past symposia, workshops and meetings...