Notice of No State of California Evaluation or Recommendation for Drum Top Fluorescent Tube Crusher

Please note carefully:

This document is a preliminary survey report on drum top fluorescent tube crushers. The equipment has not been evaluated or recommended by the State of California, nor has its use been authorized as required by section 25201 of the California Health and Safety Code.

Tube crushers are a form of hazardous waste treatment that requires authorization from DTSC pursuant to section 25201 of the California Health and Safety Code. Persons operating them must obtain a Standardized hazardous waste facility permit. This permit includes a comprehensive review of the human health and environmental impacts of the treatment operation.

Drum top tube crushers have historically released unacceptable levels of mercury vapor and have caused expensive contamination of their surroundings. DTSC participated in a United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) study of modern drum top fluorescent tube crushers to explore their mercury release. The results of this study are available at . If further studies and/or future technological improvements adequately demonstrate the safety of these devices, DTSC will consider modifying the authorization needed to operate these crushers.

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