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Accuride International Inc.

12935 Imperial Highway 

Santa Fe Springs  CA 90670

County: Los Angeles DTSC Region: 4
Assembly District: 56 Senate District: 30

Facility History

Accuride has occupied the site since the 1970’s. The Facility manufactures office furniture and metal drawer slides. Approximately 90% of the site is currently paved/or covered by buildings. In 2006, Accuride closed its onsite Conditionally Exempt wastewater treatment facility under the CUPA oversight. In 1997, Accuride prepared a Phase I Environmental Assessment Checklist indicating a need for further investigation. In 1999, Accuride entered into a Corrective Action Consent Agreement to conduct facility assessment and remediation under DTSC oversight. In 2001, Accuride completed an Interim Measure which included soil removal for offsite treatment and disposal. The final excavation was approximately 20 feet by 20 feet in size to a depth of 10 to 12 feet. Approximately 158.7 tons of soil was removed. The size of the excavation was limited due to the building’s structural integrity (proximity to the walls, and building and crane footings). Accuride conducted additional lateral and vertical soil gas plume characterization to complete the assessment of the risk to groundwater and human health. The final remedy selected was a land use restriction based on the risk assessment.

Restriction Information

Date Statutory/Regulatory Authority
11/29/2007 Civil Code section 1471