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DTSC Green Electronics Symposium

DTSC hosted an all-day Green Electronics symposium on Thursday, February 19, 2009, in Sacramento. The following agenda includes links to the speakers’ presentations and biographies, as well as Webcast videos of each session.

Disclaimer: In an effort to foster the free exchange of information and scientific and technical advances in regards to sustainable electronics manufacturing, DTSC, in cooperation with Intertek, hosted this symposium. The information presented represents the views of the participants and has not received formal peer review. Therefore, this information does not necessarily reflect the views of DTSC, Intertek, or other participating organizations, and no official endorsement should be inferred. The information is not intended, nor can it be relied upon, to create any rights enforceable by any party in litigation with the United States, State of California or any other party. Use or mention of trade names does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation for use. Errors and omissions in the information will be corrected as they are found and time permits.

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