Managing Hazardous Waste

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Biennial Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The 2019 Biennial Report Cycle has begun.

If you haven’t done so already, please register at RCRAInfo.  You may wish to watch the  brief MyRCRAid training video first on how to do so.

DTSC has opted into the Federal RCRAInfo Biennial Report system for the 2019 cycle, and the Waste Reporting System (WRS) will remain available for prior-year information access only.

Please watch the short Biennial Report training video for full instructions.

Prior Year Instructions & Forms

Where can I find the most current EPA flat file specifications?

Please select this link to download the flat file specifications (opens new window).

How can I get another copy of the Hazardous Waste Report Instructions and Forms?

Who is Required to File?

Who is required to submit a Biennial Report?

You are required by federal statute (Title 40, section 261.41) to complete and file the Hazardous Waste Report (Biennial Report) if your site:

  1. Generated, in one calendar month, greater than or equal to 1,000 kilograms (kg; 2,200 pounds [lbs.]) of non-acute RCRA hazardous waste (including quantities imported by importer site); or
  2. Generated, in one calendar month, or accumulated at any time, greater than 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) of any RCRA acute hazardous wastes listed in 40 CFR sections 261.31 or 261.33(e); or
  3. Generated, in one calendar month, greater than 100 kg (220 lbs.) of any residue or contaminated soil, waste, or other debris resulting from the cleanup of a spill, into or on any land or water, of any RCRA acute hazardous wastes listed in 40 CFR sections 261.31 or 261.33(e).

Are “California-only” generators required to file?

No. You must only file if you are a Large Quantity Generator (LQG) of RCRA (federal) hazardous waste.

I am no longer generating or treating hazardous waste. Am I required to file?

Yes, you are required to file a biennial report if you operated or had any cleanup activity at any point within the odd numbered calendar, which is also known as the reporting year (e.g., 2017, 2019).

I just bought this company. Am I required to file?

Yes. You should have received records of past hazardous waste handling activity from the previous owner. Contact the transporter for missing copies of manifests. If your transporter does not respond, email for copies of your manifests .


I don’t see the Biennial Report tab on my RCRAInfo screen. What’s wrong?

You’ll need to request an increase in permissions on the My Permissions tab of the My Profile page, found by right-clicking your icon in the upper right-hand corner and choosing My Permissions.  You’ll need at least Certifier or Site Manager permissions to submit the Biennial Report.

What software is available?

DTSC now requires you to use the RCRAInfo Biennial Report System (opens new window).  If you don’t already have a RCRAInfo account, it’s easy to create one.  Request access to your Site ID, and after approval the Biennial Report tab will appear.

Can we use the same software we used for the 2017 Biennial Report, the Waste Reporting System (WRS)?

No, the Waste Reporting System was only valid for the 2017 Biennial Report.  DTSC now requires that all filers use the RCRAInfo Biennial Reporting System (opens new window).

Reporting Information

Should wastewater be reported?

No. If the wastewater is sent via a hard-piped inline treatment system, directly to a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW), you should not report it.

Can I fax or email my report to meet the deadline?

No. Submissions must contain original signatures and be postmarked by the deadline. Submissions may include a transmittal CD or portable USB drive.

Should universal waste be reported?

No. Universal waste is exempt and is not reported. If you have other hazardous waste regulatory questions, please email or call 800-728-6942.

My company only generated non-RCRA waste. Am I required to file?

No. The Biennial Report is for RCRA (federal) hazardous waste only.

Where can I find a list of Units of Measure?

How can I tell if I am exempt?

Return to the “Who is Required to File?” section on this page and check under “Who is required to submit a Biennial Report?”.

The waste we generate is shipped off-site to be recycled. Must I report?

Yes. If your recycled waste is RCRA hazardous waste. Non-RCRA or “California only” waste is not reported.

Is information available for the Biennial Report?

Where can I get the information for the Waste Generation and Management (GM) Forms?

You can get the information from your manifest copies. The manifests provide the following information:

  1. Waste description (Box 9b)
  2. Quantity of waste (Box 11)
  3. UOM (Unit of Measurement) (Box 12)
  4. Waste codes (Box 13)
  5. Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facility (TSDF) EPA ID number (Box 8)
  6. Management method code(s) (Box 19)

Where can I find the source codes?

Go to page 55 of the Biennial Report Forms and Instructions for the source codes and descriptions.

Where do I get the form codes?

Go to page 106 of the Biennial Report Forms and Instructions for form codes and descriptions.