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California Land Reuse and Revitalization Act (CLRRA) Site Assessment Plan/Report of Findings

Site Assessment Plan/Report and Report of Findings

Under the California Land Reuse and Revitalization Act (CLRRA) the Site Assessment Plan is the first step of the process, with information about the Site including, when appropriate, a risk assessment. Information regarding reasonably anticipated foreseeable uses of the Site based on current and projected land use and zoning designations should be included. If the release has impacted groundwater, reasonable characterization of underlying groundwater is needed, including present and anticipated beneficial uses of that water.

After completion of a Site assessment, a CLRRA project may move on to a Response Plan or a Report of Findings (which is equivalent to a Preliminary Endangerment Assessment). The Report of Findings may recommend no further action or no further action with a Land Use Covenant (LUC). If an LUC is the only remedy needed, the Report of Findings will undergo the public notice process.

(See H&S Code Section 25395.94 and .95)

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