Site Mitigation & Restoration Program

We protect and maintain California’s land and places
by setting strict standards for land restoration and cleanup


The Quick Reference Guides focus on aspects on environmental investigation and evaluation, and include information on Preliminary Endangerment Assessments, Supplemental Site Investigations, and the Remedial Investigation process. California Land Reuse and Revitalization Act (CLRRA) related information is also presented, particularly since CLRRA has some unique aspects that are important to highlight. The DTSC Human and Ecological Risk Office (HERO) has provided abbreviated information on the human health risk assessment process, with links to more detailed information. DTSC partnered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to outline information on managing polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)-impacted properties in California. Additional Quick Reference Guides are under development, and the website will be updated on a routine basis. The Guides can be found in a panel to the right.

DTSC’s Voluntary Agreements - Assessment & Cleanup Process Diagram

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