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Century Laminators

1182 Knollwood Circle
Anaheim  CA 92801

County: Orange DTSC Region: 4
Assembly District: 69 Senate District: 32


Facility History

Century Laminators operated a circuit board laminating facility at the Subject Property from 1976 until closure operations began in January of 2003. During the operation of the facility, a fire destroyed much of the laminating operations and damaged light ballasts and transformers containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the manufacturing area. Prior to 1976 the property was undeveloped land used for agricultural purposes. The site occupies approximately one acre irregular shape lot developed with a building. Land use in the surrounding area is a mixture of commercial and industrial. Century Laminators submitted a Permit By Rule Facility Post Closure Report, dated February 13, 2004 to Anaheim CUPA. Anaheim CUPA referred the facility to DTSC for determination of appropriate action. The selected remedy for the site addresses potential health risk resulting from PCB and copper soil contamination as a result of a fire and/or operation of the facility. Based on careful analysis of the options, excavation and soil removal were implemented to reduce the PCB concentrations to levels protective of human health for onsite workers. The cleanup goal for the site was to re-use the property for commercial or industrial purposes. A land use covenant was filed with the Orange County Assessor’s Office to ensure that future property use would be limited to commercial/industrial activities. Two small areas inside the former wet processing area and one small area in the former wastewater treatment area were identified as Restricted Property and were protected by concrete surfaces and non-interference requirement. The concrete surface eliminates the infiltration of surface water that might otherwise occur and prevents runoff from the metals-impacted soil from reaching offsite receptors.

Restriction Information

Date Statutory/Regulatory Authority
09/15/2009 H&SC Section 25260