Managing Hazardous Waste

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Consultative Services

(H&SC Sections 25201.9 and 25206.1 through 25206.4)

DTSC may, upon written request of any person, enter into an agreement to provide certain consultative services to businesses who request DTSC’s advice and assistance in complying with H&SC, Division 20, Chapter 6.5 (Hazardous Waste Control Law) or Chapter 6.8 (Hazardous Substance Account Act). The agreement will require the person to reimburse DTSC for its costs pursuant to H&SC Sections 25206.1 through 25206.4.

Assembly Bill (AB) 181 (Chapter797, Statues of 2019) amended Health and Safety Code Section 25205.7, subd. (a)(2), concerning the 25% advance payment of fees pursuant to a reimbursement agreement under Section 25205.7, subd. (a)(1). AB 181 eliminated the requirement for 25% advance payment with respect to a reimbursement agreement entered into by a facility owned by a federal agency under Section 25205.7, subd. (a)(1).