Managing Hazardous Waste

We strengthen regulations and streamline waste management

DTSC Online Reference Library (DORY)

The Department of Toxic Substances Control is providing access to documents that have been written in response to questions regarding hazardous waste identification, classification, and recycling.

The reader is cautioned that each document was written in response to a specific situation. Subtle differences in the facts may result in a different interpretation. In addition, the reader is cautioned that when statutes or regulations change, past interpretations may no longer be valid.

You may sort the search results by Relevance or by Date. Each search will contain up to one hundred results, with ten results displayed per page. To view the document, click on the title of the document in the search result and it will open in a separate browser tab.

PLEASE NOTE: At the current time, these results are best viewed using Google Chrome as your browser. Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, and Safari may provide inaccurate results.

Helpful Search Tips:

Although your search may show hundred of matches, only the first 100 will be available. You may need to refine your search to find closer matches.

The following basic search operators may be useful for searching within DORY:

“search term”
Put any phrase in double quotes to force an exact-match search. Use this to refine results for ambiguous searches, or to exclude synonyms when searching for single words.

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Search for X and Y. This will return only results related to both X and Y. Note: It doesn’t really make much difference for regular searches, as Google defaults to “AND” anyway. But it’s very useful when paired with other operators.

(This is a minus or dash) Exclude a term or phrase from the search.

Acts as a wildcard and will match any word or phrase.

Find pages with a certain word (or words) in the title.

Similar to “intitle,” but only results containing all of the specified words in the title tag will be returned.

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