DTSC FTP Server - Microsoft Internet Explorer

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Newer versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer have the ability to send files via file transfer protocol (FTP).  No additional software is needed.  After copying your file (edit/copy), open up Internet Explorer in FTP mode. This can be accomplished in two ways: (1) selecting this link ftp://ftp.dtsc.ca.gov, or (2) typing "ftp://ftp.dtsc.ca.gov" into Internet Explorer's address bar and pressing the enter key.  Note: Depending upon your version of Internet Explorer you may get a security warning message (with IE 6) or additional instructions to open the FTP site in Windows Explorer (with IE 7).

Once the FTP window is visible please PASTE your file into the window.

left image showing ftp://ftp.dtsc.ca.gov in the Internet Explorer address bar.

After pasting your file, you should see your file name in the box (similar to the image below).

right image showing a document in the Internet Explorer window in FTP mode.

If you see the file name in the box, the file has been copied to our FTP site and you are finished. Thank you.

Note:  If you refresh your screen your file may not be visible after about 60 seconds as it is on its way to whom you sent it.