About DTSC

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Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity at DTSC

DTSC is committed to building and maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusion throughout all levels of the organization. The long-term success of DTSC depends on our ability to capture the creativity and inspiration of our entire organization and work together to accomplish common goals. In our important work together, we hope to attract and retain employees who are valued and feel respected for both their knowledge and life experiences. We envision a workplace culture where diversity is valued and inclusion is fostered throughout the organization.

Why Focus on Diversity?

California is home to nearly 40 million people, each one unique. As a state department, DTSC employees should reflect and embrace the diversity of the state’s residents. Many people assume workplace diversity relates only to characteristics of “protected classes,” such as age, sex, race, and sexual orientation. But there is much more to it than that—factors such as physical appearance, communication style, hidden disabilities, gender identification and intergenerational and cultural differences, to name a few, also play a role in an organizations diversity. Research shows that highly diverse workplaces excel at innovation and problem-solving, which are essential components to making DTSC a highly effective organization.

Goal 1. Establish Diversity & Inclusion as a fundamental and foundational framework for leadership development, employee engagement, and professional accountability.

Goal 2. Create an inclusive culture at the Department, where diverse internal and external stakeholders feel heard, supported, and valued.

Goal 3. Ensure that recruitment/retention and employee benefits are broad-based, inclusive, and reflective of California’s diverse communities.

Goal 4. Adopt a results-oriented approach that continually and systematically reviews, analyzes, and bolsters DTSC’s staff members representing the whole organization, the executive sponsors and the executive staff. Implementation will also rely on the allocation of appropriate resources and development and execution of action plans to support the process of incorporating diversity, inclusion, and equity throughout DTSC.

To learn more please contact us at: Diversity-Inclusion@dtsc.ca.gov