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DTSC Final Regulations

DTSC maintains files of all adopted regulations from 1978 to present at its Headquarters Office located at 1001 “I” Street, Sacramento CA 95814. You may view and/or copy materials from these regulations packages at a rate of .15 cents/page. If you know the reference number for the package you wish to obtain, you may request it electronically from the regulations coordinator, free of charge. To make an appointment to view files or request an electronic document, e-mail

CategoriesFinal Regulations TitleEffective Date
NonsubstantiveContingency Plan for Hazardous Waste Facility1/7/2021
RegularPhotovoltaic Modules (PV Modules) – Universal Waste Management1/1/2021
RegularDetermining the Initial Penalty for Each Violation (Amending Section 66272.62)6/24/2019
RegularFederal Post-Closure Rule State Regulations, Addition of Enforceable Documents & Flexibility for Postclosure Requirements1/1/2019
RegularHazardous Waste Facility Permitting Criteria1/1/2019
RegularList Paint or Varnish Strippers Containing Methylene Chloride as a Priority Product1/1/2019
NonsubstantiveNon-Substantive Correction to Import/Export Rule Revision1/1/2019
RegularCRT and CRT Glass Disposition Options10/22/2018
RegularToxicity Criteria for Human Health Risk Assessment9/4/2018
NonsubstantiveImport/Export Rule Revisions (Revision Checklist 236) 81 FR 85696-85729, 82 FR 41015-41018/20/2018
RegularSpray Polyurethane Foam Systems with Unreacted Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanates added to Priority Products List7/1/2018
RegularProposal to List Children’s Foam-Padded Sleeping Products Containing TDCPP or TCEP as a Priority Product7/1/2017
RegularMotor Vehicle Brake Friction Materials1/1/2017
NonsubstantiveUniversal Waste Regulations & Generator Status (SB 612)12/28/2016
EmergencyEmergency Regulations: Annual Fee on Metal Shredding Facilities6/9/2016
RegularSafer Consumer Products Candidate Chemicals List Amendment4/1/2016
NonsubstantiveHazardous Waste Source Reduction Requirements10/16/2013
RegularSafer Consumer Product Regulations10/1/2013
NonsubstantiveRCRA-Listed Hazardous Waste Container Residues9/5/2013
RegularMercury Thermostat Collection and Performance Requirements7/1/2013
NonsubstantiveUpdate Regulations Per Statutory Changes SB 10181/7/2013
NonsubstantiveAmend Land Disposal Restriction Treatment Standards for Carbamate Wastes7/12/2012
NonsubstantiveRegulatory Text Revisions from Statutory Changes7/12/2012
NonsubstantiveRemoval of K-Code Wastes in Land Disposal Restrictions6/12/2012
NonsubstantiveAmend Ignitability Characteristics for Hazardous Waste Identification2/21/2012
NonsubstantiveRemoval of Saccharin and Its Salts from the Lists of Hazardous Constituents and Wastes2/8/2012
NonsubstantiveU.S. EPA Information Update11/21/2011
RegularWater Quality Monitoring Requirements For Hazardous Waste Land Disposal Units5/12/2011
NonsubstantiveConsolidated Universal Waste Regulations, 2010 Update5/6/2010
NonsubstantiveProposed Amendment to Regulations for the Cleanup Loans7/20/2009
NonsubstantiveConsolidated Universal Waste Regulations and Authorized Treatment of Electronic Hazardous Waste Update7/13/2009
RegularConsolidated Universal Waste Regulations and Authorized Treatment of Electronic Hazardous Waste2/4/2009
NonsubstantiveUpdates to Permit-by-Rule Notification for Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Facilities (Form DTSC 1094B)1/6/2009
RegularPermit by Rule for Treatment of Aqueous Wastes Containing Cyanides8/6/2008
EmergencyAuthorized Treatment of Electronic Hazardous Wastes5/8/2008
RegularEnvironmental Fee12/7/2007
RegularAmendment to Land Use Covenants11/17/2007
RegularAlternative Management Standards for Treated Wood Waste11/2/2007
RegularStandardized Permit Application Procedures10/6/2007
RegularPhase I Environmental Site Assessments7/18/2007
RegularAlternative Management Standards for Treated Wood Waste7/1/2007
NonsubstantiveMandatory Munitions Rule Adoptions4/13/2007
EmergencyAddition of Portable DVD Players to Appendix X12/29/2006
EmergencyRestrictions on the Use of Heavy Metals in Covered Electronic Devices12/29/2006
RegularSecondary Containment10/8/2006
NonsubstantiveConformity with Federal Manifesting Regulations8/24/2006
RegularUPA Corrective Action Qualification8/19/2006
NonsubstantiveRegistered Environmental Assessor I/II Program7/27/2006
RegularUnified Program Single Fee System for State Agencies7/13/2006
EmergencyEmergency Regulations: Authorized Treatment of Universal Waste Electronic Devices6/8/2006
NonsubstantiveFinancial Responsibility Requirements3/20/2006
File and PrintConflict of Interest Code Designations3/2/2006
RegularHazardous Wastes of Concern: Reporting by Generators1/26/2006
EmergencyEmergency Regulations: Unified Program Single Fee System for State Agencies1/24/2006
EmergencyPerchlorate Best Management Practices12/30/2005
NonsubstantiveFinancial Responsibility Requirements Subpart H12/19/2005
NonsubstantiveAmendment to Chapter 12 Appendix4/21/2005
EmergencyEmergency Regulations: Notification Requirements for Manufacturers of Covered Electronic Devices4/11/2005
EmergencyAddition to the List of Common Electronic Hazardous Wastes in Appendix X, Subsection (c)12/27/2004
NonsubstantiveAir Emissions Standards12/21/2004
NonsubstantiveCorrective Action Management Unit (CAMU) Rule7/19/2004
NonsubstantiveHazardous Waste Facility Collection Permit By Rule Liability Assurance Repeal7/14/2004
NonsubstantiveBiennial Tiered Permitting Release Report Repeal7/13/2004
NonsubstantiveTitle 227/1/2004
NonsubstantiveTitle 22 Typos6/7/2004
NonsubstantiveAcute Oral Toxicity Criteria6/3/2004
File and PrintConflict of Interest Code4/25/2004
NonsubstantiveDefinition of Disclosure Statement3/22/2004
NonsubstantiveLand Disposal Restrictions2/26/2004
RegularLab Pack Management at Schools Hazardous Waste Collection, Consolidation & Accumulation Facilities (SHWCCAFs) Under Permit by Rule9/23/2003
EmergencyHazardous Wastes of Concern [Senate Bill 489 (2002)]7/10/2003
RegularRecyclable Hazardous Waste6/12/2003
File and PrintConflict of Interest Code (Change Without Regulatory Effect) – R-03-046/10/2003
RegularPrivate Site Management Performance Standards4/25/2003
RegularLand Use Covenants4/19/2003
RegularMercury Waste Classification and Management3/15/2003
NonsubstantivePhase I Environmental Site Assessments (Schools)2/10/2003
Certificate of CompliacePhase I Environmental Site Assessments (Schools)2/10/2003
Certificate of CompliaceElectronic Hazardous Wastes (formerly Cathode Ray Tubes)2/3/2003
Certificate of CompliaceArchitectural & Engineering Services12/23/2002
RegularDisaster Victims Hazardous Waste Fee Exemption10/6/2002
Certificate of CompliaceBrownfields CLEAN and ISCP Programs8/5/2002
RegularPermit Modification Applicability5/4/2002
Certificate of CompliaceGroundwater Remediation Loan Program4/8/2002
NonsubstantiveStandardized Permit Facilities4/4/2002
Certificate of CompliaceUniversal Waste Rule2/8/2002
RegularSchools Hazardous Waste Collection, Consolidation, and Accumulation Facility (SHWCCAF) Permit by Rule (PBR) Authorization1/30/2002
Certificate of CompliaceAssessment of Administrative Penalties8/27/2001
RegularTransportable Treatment Unit Standardized Permit6/13/2001
Certificate of CompliacePermit by Rule Regulations for Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facilities11/7/1996
RegularRCRA Authorization Regulations R-89-0177/1/1991