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Metal Finishing Links and Resources

Hazardous Waste Laws and Regulations

DTSC’s web site includes the following information for hazardous waste generators and on-site treaters:

For more information, contact a Regulatory Assistance Officer or refer to the DTSC hazardous waste management fact sheets and publications.

Air Quality Laws and Regulations

California’s Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC) Control program for hexavalent chromium activity web pages include important regulatory updates for chrome platers, the Air Toxics Control Measure for chrome plating and chromic acid anodizing operations, list serves, and information about industry courses. Find your local air district for more information about emissions control regulations.

Water Quality – Storm water

The California Best Management Practices Handbook Spill prevention control and clean-up (Link removed – destination no longer available) for commercial and industrial facilities is a guide to help eliminate spills and leaks, a major source of storm water pollution.

Metal Finishing Industry References and Links

Industry Associations

On-line Industry Publications

Industry-EPA-State-Local Partnership Resources

Process Efficiency

Lean Manufacturing

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

EPA provides an overview of EMS and tools and templates specifically for metal finishers (Link removed – destination no longer available) to develop a facility EMS.

Small Business Assistance

Small Business Loan Program

Part of the California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program (Link removed – destination no longer available), the Metal Plating Facility Guarantee Program allows businesses to obtain loans not otherwise available and to establish favorable credit history with a lender.

Business Development Consulting and Training

California’s Small Business Development Centers (Link removed – destination no longer available) help small businesses succeed through management counseling and training.

Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs (Link removed – destination no longer available) home page contains environmental compliance, pollution prevention and performance measurement information.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Industry Associations

Industry-EPA Partnership Resources

  • Printed Wiring Board Resource Center (Link removed – destination no longer available)
  • Design for Environment (DfE) Printed Wiring Board Partnership

Pollution Prevention Information

  • U.S. EPA Pollution Prevention Home
  • Western Region Pollution Prevention Network (WRPPN) (Link removed – destination no longer available) – industry sector pollution prevention information.

Model Shop Partners


Local Government Agencies

Professional and Technical Associations