Environmental Chemistry Lab

We provide expertise in analytical and environmental chemistry

Environmental Chemistry Lab

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratory (ECL) provides DTSC and other boards and departments within CalEPA with expertise and laboratory capacity in the areas of analytical and environmental chemistry.  Scientists identify and measure concentrations of toxic chemicals in many different media including air, water, soil, hazardous waste streams, and biological or human tissues. These efforts require the application or adaptation of existing procedures as well as the development of new analytical methods when required.

Mission Statement

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratory provides scientific leadership for DTSC in analytical and environmental chemistry to protect public health and the environment from adverse effects of chemicals.

Vision Statement

Nationally recognized scientific leadership in the analytical and environmental chemistry of toxic chemicals and their green chemistry alternatives.

ECL Values

  • Scientific Excellence
  • Data Defensibility
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Workplace Diversity
  • Customer Service
  • Respect

ECL Programmatic Areas

  • ECL serves as California’s reference laboratory for analysis of toxic chemicals in soils, water, wastes, materials, and products that may have adverse effects on public health and the environment.
  • ECL provides analytical and environmental chemistry support to DTSC Programs at all stages of their projects, in close coordination with the project manager and other project team members, meeting the expected timeframes and data quality objectives.
  • ECL provides DTSC and its stakeholders with analytical and environmental chemistry information to provide a scientific foundation for decision-making processes to protect public health and the environment from adverse effects of chemicals. ECL proactively identifies, assesses, and generates data on existing and emerging chemicals of concern in California.
  • ECL carries out broad-scale and focused biomonitoring and environmental monitoring studies to produce quality data that result in actions to reduce exposures to toxic chemicals.  ECL targets regulated and emerging chemicals that may cause exposure to sensitive populations or ecological receptors.
  • ECL supplies analytical and environmental chemistry data and technical information to support the environmentally responsible use and management of chemicals in California, linking potential sources from sites, wastestreams, products, and materials, with exposure levels and trends, with exposure pathways, and with assessments of the effectiveness of regulatory, pollution prevention, and other chemical exposure intervention efforts.