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To reinforce DTSC’s commitment to protect California’s environment and communities, ECL wants to build trust with California’s communities through public outreach and education.  We want to keep the public informed and engaged about fundamental environmental issues and the work of the Laboratory.

ECL engages the public by offering laboratory tours, welcoming collaborations with both public and private entities for outreach events, and providing technical expertise at events. Past outreach include workshops for the California District Attorney’s Association (CDAA), laboratory tours for students and Environmental Protection Agencies from around the world, and collaborations with instrument manufacturers.

ECL welcomes invitations to participate in public outreach and collaborations. Please contact us with information about the specific outreach event or proposed collaborations.

K-12 and College Students

ECL hosts students (K-12 and college) for laboratory tours in which students learn about state-of-the-art analytical instruments and the work of ECL. Through ECL’s outreach, students obtain a deeper understanding of the complex problems facing the environment and think about solutions to these problems. ECL believes mentorship and learning activities will encourage students to be environmentally conscious citizens, better civic participants, and perhaps one day future scientists.

Toxic Crusaders

Toxic Crusaders deep in thought as they extract metals from a soil sample.

Middle-school students unite for a day of science and fun as “Toxic Crusaders” students participated in real-world field and laboratory activities that mirror the work of DTSC. Toxic Crusaders investigate a fictional toxic waste site, collect samples for analysis at the lab, and analyze the results to determine if they exceed the regulatory limits. Students learn about the principle behind analytical instruments, get hands-on experience in the laboratory and the field, and learn about California’s Hazardous Waste Laws and Regulations. Overall, students learn about the importance behind the work of the Department and ECL and potential career paths in science.

Toxic-Crusaders-Social-Media-Photobook for 2018 Event

Toxic Crusaders DTSC News Article May 2019

Toxic Crusaders Event 2019 Video Slideshow

Stay tuned for future student outreach events!

Laboratory Tours & Visits

ECL invites visitors to tour and learn about our state-of-the-art laboratories at our Pasadena and Berkeley locations. Each laboratory is equipped with advanced analytical instruments and staffed with highly trained scientists.

ECL Pasadena hosts a delegation from China’s Environmental Protection Agency.

Chinese Delegation Visit

In September 2017, ECL Pasadena welcomed a delegation of government officials from China’s Environmental Protection Agency. The delegation had the opportunity to tour the Laboratory, learn about advanced analytical instrumentation and methodologies currently used by ECL, and participate in a Q&A session with ECL scientists. The goal of the visit was to promote the sharing of knowledge and different perspectives that can be used for improvement.

ECL opens its doors to other public or private entities that would like to learn more about us.


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