Managing Hazardous Waste

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eVQ Registration Errors

Error: Your EPA ID number is linked to an eVQ account. Please email or call 1-877-454-4012 for further assistance.

  • Check if you already have an existing eVQ account by doing the following:
    • Click on the “Forgot Username?” link. Enter your email address. If you already have an existing account, your username will be emailed to you, then you can proceed with resetting the password. Your email address must be listed as either the primary or alternate email on the account in order for you to recover the username. If you are the new contact on the account, contact us for further assistance.

Error: Invalid or inactive ID number. Please check the ID number and try again.

  • Verify and re-enter the ID number. There is no space between the lettered prefix and numbers.
  • If your ID number was inactivated before July 1, 2019 and you didn’t ship any hazardous waste using your ID number during the 2019 calendar year, your ID number will not be in the 2020 Verification Questionnaire (VQ) report cycle because it didn’t meet the reporting requirements. If you are wanting to reactivate your ID number through the eVQ System, please call us at 1-877-454-4012 or email us at to have your ID number inserted into the 2020 VQ report cycle. If emailing, state that your ID number is currently inactive and that you would like to reactivate it through the eVQ System and include your ID number.
  • If your ID number is currently active and you receive the same error message after verifying and re-entering the ID number, call  1-877-454-4012 or email for assistance.