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Exide Cleanup State Auditor Recommendations

On October 27, 2020, the State Auditor released its findings (link opens new window) into the management of the residential cleanups in communities surrounding the former Exide facility in Vernon. View DTSC’s response to the State Auditor.

The purpose of this page is to provide regular updates on DTSC’s progress in meeting the Auditor’s recommendations, as well as information on upcoming hearings or other public forums.

This page will be updated with the progress we are making to meet the audit recommendations.

Daycare Cleanup

DTSC has conducted initial sampling of 79 daycare facilities within the PIA. Based on the sampling results, 12 do not require cleanup and 67 were identified as requiring cleanup. DTSC has already completed the cleanup of 48 daycare facilities and an additional 10 are now in the cleanup process. DTSC is conducting outreach needed to initiate the cleanup process at the 9 remaining facilities. DTSC has also inspected all remaining daycare facilities requiring cleanup and verified that barriers to soil, such as mulch or grass, are present to reduce the risk of soil lead exposure.

The Daycare Cleanup Summary Table summarizes the status of the 67 daycare facilities identified as requiring cleanup. It will be updated regularly as new information becomes available (Updated as of 02/23/2021).

December 28, 2020

On December 28, 2020, DTSC provided the California State Auditor with the following 60-day response that describes the actions DTSC has already taken to address the Auditor’s recommendations

CSA Exide Audit 60 Day Response

November 2020

Last month, the California State Auditor completed a report on the steps taken by DTSC to identify and remove lead contamination from properties surrounding the former lead battery recycling facility in Vernon, near downtown Los Angeles.

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee and the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee have scheduled a joint hearing at 9:15 a.m. Monday, November 16, 2020 to discuss the audit. Go to the CA State Assembly Committee Hearings (link opens new window) web page to obtain information about how to participate in this meeting.

View DTSC’s progress in meeting each of the Auditor’s recommendations (updated as of 11/23/2020).

October 27, 2020

The State Auditor released its findings (link opens new window) into the management of the residential cleanups in communities surrounding the former Exide facility in Vernon.

The state is committed to ensuring the safety of our kids and our communities from toxic pollution including holding polluters accountable.

DTSC will implement all recommendations provided by the State Auditor – many of which are already underway including prioritizing cleanup at the remaining daycare centers.

The state has so far committed $260 million to the project, the largest residential cleanup in California’s history, and one of the biggest in the nation.

DTSC is conducting cleanups at a faster rate and with more stringent standards than other residential lead cleanups across the nation. To date, DTSC has cleaned up more than 2,000 properties with the highest levels of lead and is on pace to complete more than 90 percent of the cleanups planned with this funding.

DTSC will continue to provide information and engage with communities here and in upcoming public forums. Check back for updates on public meetings and our progress in meeting the audit’s recommendations.