Get Involved

We value community input and ideas to develop dynamic environmental solutions

How to Get Involved

We are committed to engaging you in many different areas as we protect California’s people and environment from the harmful effects of toxic substances. Here you can find various ways to get involved.

Looking for an upcoming meeting? Check the calendar below. You can also visit EnviroStor to find out about any project throughout the state. Read up on our efforts to protect vulnerable communities with the Environmental Justice link. Learn how easy it is to alert us to any environmental concern. Discover how we make information understandable and accessible to you via the Public Participation link.

Environmental Justice

  • We strive to protect, repair and prevent harm throughout California’s most vulnerable communities. Go to our Environmental Justice page to learn about our commitments.

Public Participation

  • We want to hear from you. An involved public helps us fulfill our mission to protect people and the environment. Go to our Public Participation page to learn more.

Tribal Affairs

  • We understand that tribal nations and communities are distinct in government structure and culture. Our Tribal Liaison and Tribal Specialists are here to assist. Visit our Tribal Affairs page for more information.


  • Interested in participating in an upcoming meeting or event? View our calendar to get involved.


  • Knowledge is power, and EnviroStor delivers it by empowering you with knowledge you can use to keep informed about hazardous waste issues affecting your community. Find out about cleanup projects, past or present, in your area by visiting our EnviroStor website.

Reporting Environmental Concern

  • We need you to alert us about any environmental concern you see. It’s easy to do – use the reporting form to let us know about a concern. This helps us protect you and our environment from the harmful effects of toxic substances.

Public Notices

  • We seek public comments on all potential regulations, and it’s a great opportunity to let us hear from you. Access links to projects currently in a public comment period for formal rulemaking on our Public Notices page. A public comment period is a range of time you have to submit your input before we make a final decision on any proposed rule.

Accessing Public Records

  • Our documents are available to you, and it’s important to know how to access them. View our guidelines on how to obtain public records.