Managing Hazardous Waste

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Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc.

1550 East Kimberly Drive
Fullerton  CA 92831

County: Orange DTSC Region: 4
Assembly District: 72 Senate District: 33

Facility History

The former Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) facility was situated on a 10 acre parcel in the City of Fullerton, Orange County, California. The site is located in an area primarily developed with light industrial and commercial businesses. The site has historically been used for manufacture and assembly of lead-acid batteries for commercial resale. The facility has been operated since 1962 by JCI until it sold in September 2005 to Lowe Enterprises Real Estate Group for redevelopment for commercial/industrial use. Battery manufacturing operations continued after the property sale under lease provisions until operations ceased in October 2006. Hazardous wastes were managed onsite in hazardous waste storage units under an interim status document (ISD) Permit issued by DTSC on March 30, 1981. These units were certified closed in 1995 by DTSC. In 1993, DTSC authorized Johnson Controls to operate the fixed treatment system pursuant to a Permit-by-Rule for treatment of wastewater prior to discharge to the sewer. The tiered permitted wastewater treatment unit has been closed in accordance with the Fixed Treatment Unit Closure Plan under the oversight of the Orange County Environmental Health Department.

Restriction Information

Date Statutory/Regulatory Authority
08/02/2007 Health & Safety Code Section 25260